Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trimming the "fat"? Part 2

So a few months ago I wrote about trimming the fat in my budget and on my body! (Part 1 can be found here). So how it is going?

I have been doing pretty good on my budget except this week I did get Starbucks a few times but this week has required some major caffeine (if it weren't for Starbucks, I may have lost my mind this week!) :-) I have been doing well on grocery bills considering my new diet which leads me to my part 2!

I went to Atlanta Medical Institute and got 2 of my 3 B-12 shots. I have to say, they are great! I noticed later in the day that my mood improved and I felt like I had more "pick up" and was ready to go! It has really helped me over the last couple of weeks get into my groove. So far...down a little over 10 pounds. yay!!!

So what am I doing that is working? Well let's see...I made a lot of changes however for the first time it is something that I can live with. I dont feel the need to get fast food or to go crazy too often. If you don't know me, let me tell you - I have a sweet tooth! And chocolate is my favorite. Let's be real, after a bad day who wouldn't want a piece of chocolate cake! But I have been doing suprisingly well without all the chocolate!

So we are doing no carbs after 3pm. Carbs are also a favorite of mine and Jason's. We love pasta, garlic bread, etc. So getting rid of pasta all together is not an option but how do you adapt - pasta for lunch! Not just any pasta - gluten free pasta! Jason's first response (before trying it) "that sounds gross". To his and my surprise - you can't tell a difference at all. I get the Quinoa brand of pasta that is gluten free. Also we are doing no sugars after 3pm for the most part.

Our diet consists of a lot of protein, water, veggies & fruits. However I have been able to adapt our old dishes to fit the new diet. Make sure to come back to get the recipes that I will be posting over the next month! We are also doing a lot of organic food (I thought the grocery shopping would break the bank for this but I am spending the same that I was before thanks to Harry's & Whole Foods).

Here's a tip I learned from Atlanta Medical Institute - when you are craving sweets (me - it's always after dinner) make a glass of tea, add 1 tsp of pure agave nectar and 1 tbsp of almond milk. The agave nectar is sweet and helps stop your cravings. I make a glass at night of sleepytime tea with the other above items and it works everytime and helps me sleep better!

*Interested in B-12 shots HalfOffDepot has 4 for $35 right now. If you want to trim some fat check out some of their other deals as well - they have monthly boot camp sessions at discounted prices and more!


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